I heard that since Pilot isn't feeling well he won't come to school today.

Vicente is from Chile. He is Chilean.


The accident took place on the evening of last Sunday.


The abbreviation of "Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference" is "CPPCC".

Always keep a handkerchief in your pocket.

I always forget to breathe.

The thief ran away in the direction of the station.

Juri isn't serious, is he?

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Don't stay up too late. Tomorrow's a school day.

It is enough for today.

Anna loves Dieter more than his own life.


Marlena had a big argument with Lievaart.

Shaw is watching the evening news.

I've left Curt three messages.

The budget of the film was very limited.

Every child in the school took to the new teacher.


I'm certain Stephe was referring to Sridhar.


It was a violent crime.

Who's that cute guy?

I'm going to my room, so I can study.

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The enemy has demanded our surrender.

Which of the Koran's suras can you recite?

I had been reading for an hour.


What did Barbara ask you to do?

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Jun knows Erik's father.


The three main monotheistic religions are Islam, Judaism and Christianity.


I asked my son what he really wanted.

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Are you going to be at this afternoon's meeting?

May I talk to him?

You are entirely correct; habits play a very large role in people's lives.

Why did you say that to her?

Chris really likes sports a lot.

I need a shower.

We had not gone very far when it started to rain.


They wanted to escape on vacation.

Clarence told me that he was thirsty.

I could be in my office all day.

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You will regret this!

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We traveled over a very good road.

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In the U.S., most people can vote when they reach eighteen years of age.


In English, "ultraviolet" is often abbreviated as "UV".

He lost his eyesight.

I know you're busy, but I could use some help.

They say someone invented something like Haskell for quantum computers. Okay then, give me a quantum computer and I will learn it.

Grandmother's ashes are in an urn at the temple.


Brazil borders ten countries as well as the Atlantic Ocean.


The food in this hotel is very good.


They don't eat as much rice in Japan as they used to.

I'm older than you think.

We must be imagining things.

I think it happened because you wanted it to happen.

Urban culture appears to be attractive to the younger generation.

Isabelle has gone crazy.

Did you see where I put my hat?


The noise startled Juliet.

I know that girl from somewhere.

Whomever goes to church believes in God.


Writing love letters isn't easy for me.

I thought you wanted to go to the party with Beckie.

I couldn't believe this was really happening to me.

You don't need to know why.

Pria doesn't have to stay home to help Christina.

Can you give this to them?

It's kind of cool.

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Nancy can't go home until after 2:30.

Do you think it gives me pleasure to see you destroy your health?

She is affected with the gout.

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He isn't happy at all.

There are sometimes blizzards in Kanazawa.

These dishes don't retain heat very well.

Raphael left the party early.

His opinions are in accord with ours.

I used to weigh seventy kilos.

Richard brought a bottle of tequila.

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I have a daughter the same age as your son.


I can't believe Jeff didn't come.


His nagging distressed her.

Pull the bobbin, and the latch will go up.

You made me hungry.


Tell Christina that I know what he did.

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By the 1750s, all the tribes of the Great Plains had horses.


Let me do something else.

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You drink too much.


Don't worry. I'll talk to him.


He grabbed my ass!

She's the kind of person who likes to turn everything into a competition.

Malloy has a good grasp of French.

Kenneth bought a Chinese-Japanese dictionary.

The father will look after her all by himself.


I'll buy Roxie that pony he's always bugging me for.

Anything you say can be used against you.

We've flown for about three hours.


Jussi reminded Alison about the meeting.

I got the need for a car.

Why did Kelvin stop?

The funds are not sufficient for running a grocery.

It's hard to find good help these days.


The sight of the money tempted him into stealing.

I'm going to go change.

His wide-ranging stances on various issues cement him as a centrist.

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Don't you see my garden?


Eighteenth century, unless it's a forgery.


I'd like to confide in you.


Guess what I'm holding in my hand.


He lives in the western part of town.

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Am I catching you at a bad time?

Maybe Eugene didn't plan to be here this soon.

I can't live with you anymore.

What's Knut doing in Boston?

Hello. This is Ogawa speaking.


It may be difficult, but not impossible.


Then you just have to fill out this card.


Nadeem doesn't like the way Hector treats John.


When I turned fifteen I started going out more.

December 3 is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Sanity noticed that Isidore was sitting in his seat.

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The flies buzz restlessly.

I've just wasted three years of my life.

My dream is to be a firefighter.

I'm gaining weight.

Whenever Harris gets drunk, she ends up doing crystal meth for the next three days.

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They look magnificent.

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Naoto talks to everyone.


I asked her to help.


That is Tatoeba.

Len seems to know just about everybody.

Jeannette chopped down the branch with an ax.

I mostly do not want to think about anything anymore.

Pashto is an interesting language.


It is folly to buy things you don't really feel the need for, for you'll end up neglecting them and eventually realise you wasted money.

He proposed asking her to lunch.

Lend me something interesting to read.


What happens if you feed your dog pasta?


I see an old woman under the tree.


Naomi and Claire have been friends since kindergarten.

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It's about time we went back.

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What languages do you know how to speak?

You don't have to worry about anything.

He never visited him.

The company has branches in 12 European countries.

Have you visited a zoo in your country?

Mr Johnson is self-employed and deals in repairing furniture.

Serbia is called "Srbija" in Serbian.